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Best Love Apps for Valentine’s Day 2016

Valentine’s Day is upon us and people all around the world are getting ready for this lovely holiday. Although there’s no substitute for love, there are a million ways to get ready for this red and white, romantic day that approaches very fast. So here we are, counting remaining days till February 14th while planning a surprise for our loved ones or for someone we wish to make our Valentine this year. Since you’re here, reading this, I assume you’re looking for some apps that will help you prepare for the upcoming event. Whether you just want to personalise your device or wish to show something nice to those you love, I recommend these 10 apps for Valentine’s Day:

1. Photo Captions – Insta Square

Typically people prefer to send cards, flowers or some delicious chocolate to their special ones. On the other hand, young boys and girls exchange e-cards and virtual greetings when it comes to Valentine’s Day. This time, you might want to do something different. Photo Captions allows you to make custom and personalised greeting cards for any occasion, especially for romantic holidays. This app allows you to use an existing photo from your gallery or to capture a brand new one, choose a predefined crop or use the original size. Then, you can type custom text like “Be my Valentine this year” or just “Happy Valentine’s Day” or any other saying you choose, it’s up to you and your imagination. Pick a text font and color, level of background blur and a type of pattern. After that, you can send your custom greeting card. It’s both easy and fun.

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2. Love Songs and Romantic Music

Peaceful ambient music and love songs are a great way to create a romantic atmosphere for your date. This simple yet really effective app allows you to enjoy several hours of slow, nice and easy streaming music. It is supposed to help you relax and enjoy every romantic moment that occurs while listening to quiet piano and guitar, mostly instrumental songs. The app contains a high quality collection of audio recordings and it has “Add to Favorites” option so you can make your own playlist. The only thing that might be a problem for some users is that this app requires Internet connection. However, this music app is quite nice, it has a very good collection of songs and that’s what makes the real difference compared to the other apps out there on the GooglePlay store. But hey, that’s only my music taste.

love songs and romantic music screenshots


3. Hidden Object St. Valentine

No matter whether you are with someone on Valentine’s Day or not, this romantic game would definitely add something of a holiday spirit to you. Imagine yourself sitting near your date, holding tablet in your hands and drinking wine while playing Hidden Object St. Valentine game. This hidden object game with a romantic story line would be a fantastic “excuse” to come closer to him/her while looking for hidden objects such as flowers, hearts, chocolate, love letters etc. Even if you decide to be alone on this romantic day for any reason, this game will help you spend some quality time wherever you are. The game features more than 1000 hidden objects with rich HD graphics in 3D environment. Well, go on, try playing it with your sweetheart and then tell me if I was right.

Hidden Objects St Valentine promo image


4. Couple — Relationship App

Couple is another great app for those who are in a long distance relationship. If your valentine is miles away, this app can help you stay in touch with your favorite person. It helps you share photos, videos and audios, create personalised calendars, write various to-do lists, send messages, make calls and much more. There’s one unusual and totally unique feature: A dubbed “ThumbKiss” lets you and your special someone to touch your respective phones simultaneously and make them vibrate. Yes, it’s a kind of a virtual kiss.

couple relationship app promo image


5. Touchnote

If you’re one of those who are more into physical than virtual things, Touchnote is the app for you. It allows you to send a photo as an actual card to your special someone if he/she is away. According to the developer, they print and post your postcard or greeting cards the very next day and have over 5 million cards successfully sent so far. The prices for their services are fairly reasonable, but can go higher at such a busy time of the year as Valentine’s Day is.

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6. Hearts Wallpapers

Although some would say this is “just” a wallpaper app, I think it deserves to be on the list. Hearts Wallpapers Android app helps you personalise your phone or tablet device in a very romantic way. It has a wonderful collection of romantic images and photos you can set as a wallpaper or send them to your Valentine via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, SMS etc. All pictures are in high resolution. It doesn’t matter whether you have a partner for Valentine’s Day or not, this app should bring you some holiday spirit with its beautiful images.

hearts wallpapers promo image


7. Romantic Love Ringtones

Another app for users to personalise their Android phones and tablets. Romantic Love Ringtones app comes with few standard features: You can set a melody as ringtone, contact ringtone, alarm and notification sound. Again, what makes this app different is a collection of sounds in it. I personally really love these ringtones that weren’t made out of boring popular songs everyone uses as ringtones. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd and use unique sounds, you can pick one of the ringtones from this collection and set it as a contact ringtone for your soulmate.

romantic love ringtones promo image


8. Selfie Camera

Selfie Camera is a great photo app, especially for those addicted to sharing selfies on Facebook, Instagram, We Heart It and other similar social networks. This app features some very nice and original photo effects and live camera filters that will make your photos seem a bit more professional or simply different. It also suggests the most popular hash tags to use on social networks in order to maximise the number of likes. So, shoot a unique looking picture with your Valentine and show your special someone to your friends, or to the whole world.

seflie camera promo image


9. Love Quotes

Everybody needs inspiration sometimes. Having trouble coming up what to say to your Valentine’s Day date is a pretty normal but quite inconvenient situation. Love Quotes are here to prevent such an embarrassing moment. A large gallery of romantic quotes, love poems and sayings helps you overcome a struggle when it comes to saying or writing something nice to your V-Day partner as well as use the share option in the app to send picked quote images.

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10. Ibotta – Cash back Coupons

This app helps you plan a perfect Valentine’s Day by giving you access to all kinds of things like movie tickets, special offers for wine, champagne, dinner etc. Ibotta finds you cash back coupons that match almost any popular brand from groceries to electronics, clothes and more. How does it work? Browse the app, make a shopping list, find cash back coupons and send receipt via app after shopping. They’ll put cash directly to your bank account via PayPal or turn it into gift cards. It’s an ideal way to buy something nice for your sweetheart. So, who says gifts need to be expensive.

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