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Wild Cats Sounds

Download : Wild Cats Sounds

Wild cats are very powerful animals and with the sounds they make, they show their superiority. That’s why we made Wild Cats sounds FREE app for you to differ from the others. Download this app and show your attitude.
Make your phone unique; set some of these powerful Wild Cats sounds as a ring tone or sms, or as an alarm to wake up immediately. Choose the sound you like among the various kinds of sounds from the collection: Cougar Montana, Cougar Roar, Cougar Snarl, Florida Panther, Leopard Roar, Lion Growl, Lion Roar, Lion Snarl, Lynx Attention Call, Puma Growling, Puma roar, Puma screech growl, Puma snarl, Puma solo growl, Savanna Lion Roar, Tiger Roar, White Lion Roar.
– listen to the tones
– set as a ring tone
– set as a notification/sms tone
– set as alarm tone (please note that setting alarm sound will not affect existing alarms but only new ones you create)

Show the wild side of your personality, download Wild Cats sounds app!!!


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