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Sherlock Holmes Books for Android

DownloadSherlock Holmes Collection by Arthur Conan Doyle

The best collection of the books of Sherlock Holmes for your android phones, completely free.

This app has one book that is already downloaded. If you want to read other books from the collection you can download them and then delete them after the reading. In that way you can save space on your sd card or internal memory. Every book has a short description at the beginning, so yu can choose better which one you want to read!
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle DL (22 May 1859 – 7 July 1930[1]) was a Scottish physician and writer, most noted for his stories about the detective Sherlock Holmes. The books of our collection are:
Sherlock Holmes 1 – A Study in Scarlet:

“A Study in Scarlet” is the first published story of one of the most famous literary detectives of all time, Sherlock Holmes. Here Dr. Watson, who has just returned from a war in Afghanistan, meets Sherlock Holmes for the first time when they become flat-mates at the famous 221 B Baker Street. In In this book Sherlock Holmes investigates a murder at Lauriston Gardens as Dr. Watson tags along with Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes 2 – The Sign of the Four:

Yellow fog is swirling through the streets of London, and Sherlock Holmes himself is sitting in a cocaine-induced haze until the arrival of a distressed and beautiful young lady forces the great detective into action. Each year following the strange disappearance of her father, Miss Morstan has received a present of a rare and lustrous pearl. Now, on the day she is summoned to meet her anonymous benefactor, she consults Holmes and Watson.

Sherlock Holmes 3 – The Hound of the Baskervilles:

A deadly curse in the form of a legendary ferocious beast continues to claim its victims from the Baskerville family until Holmes and Watson intervene. Often called the best detective story ever written. When a second member of the Baskerville family dies, Sherlock Holmes investigates and finds murderous greed behind the supposed curse.
Sherlock Holmes 4 – The Valley of Fear:

The Sherlock Holmes series read in unabridged form by David Timson is widely regarded as one of the finest. Here, Timson brings his remarkable performance skills to one of Doyle’s full-length novels. Holmes and faithful Dr. Watson are summoned to a country house by a coded message.
Sherlock Holmes 5 – The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes:

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes collects eleven of the Holmes short stories which were published in 1892 and 1893. In this collection, Holmes and Watson encounter ancient family mysteries, petty thefts, kidnappings, blackmailing, and even matters of national importance.

Sherlock Holmes 6 – The Return of Sherlock Holmes:

The Return of Sherlock Holmes collects thirteen short stories featuring the famous detective, all supposedly written and published by John Watson, his best friend, roommate, and confidante.

Sherlock Holmes 7 – His Last Bow:

The friends of Mr. Sherlock Holmes will be glad to learn that he is still alive and well, though somewhat crippled by occasional attacks of rheumatism. He has, for many years, lived in a small farm upon the downs five miles from Eastbourne, where his time is divided between philosophy and agriculture.

Sherlock Holmes 8 – The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes:

The last twelve stories written about Holmes and Watson, these tales reflect the disillusioned world of the 1920s in which they were written. Some of the sharpest turns of wit in English literature are contrasted by dark images of psychological tragedy, suicide, and incest in a collection of tales that have haunted generations of readers.

Sherlock Holmes 9 – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes:
These adventures are twelve short stories, mini mysteries, all successfully solved by the impressive Holmes, ably assisted by his bemused friend, Dr Watson. The reader is transported to Victorian England, and all sorts of strange occurrences and events to be investigated and enjoyed.


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