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Screaming sounds

Download : Screaming sounds

How many times you wanted to scream loudly but you couldn’t? Let your phone scream instead of you! With our new “Screaming sounds” FREE app, you can have fun playing these crazy screaming sounds. Doesn’t matter if you want to scare somebody, you want to be sure you are awaken or you just to have a unique ring tone, this app is ideal for you.
This screaming sounds app consists of many loud female screams, piercing screams, hysterical screams, screams of laughter, terrible screams or terrified male and female or male screams. Use it the way you want

– listen to the tones
– set as a ring tone
– set as a notification/sms tone
– set as alarm tone (please note that setting alarm sound will not affect existing alarms but only new ones you create)

Download our Screaming sounds app and enjoy the screams!


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