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Travel guide

Download : Travel guide

This warm summer is calling you to go to the seaside! Enjoy your holiday with our Travel Guide video collection app and pick up some good advice for your vacation.

Most of us like to travel and we are always looking forward to going somewhere away from home. But it is not easy to decide where to go and what to do, so it is good to have a Travel Guide app that will help you to spend carefree days on a holiday.
Many of us go to travel agencies to hear some information from a trip advisor to look for a cheap travel and read a lot of travel magazines to find great travel destinations and tourist attractions and read travel reviews.
Find some great travel tips with our Travel Guide app and learn about Ten Items you should Take on Holiday, Tips on Renting a Car, San Francisco Culinary Travel Tips, 10 Tips for a Great Day at the Beach, airline travel, Top Luxury Destinations for Summer Vacations, How to Pack a Carry-On Bag for a Long Flight, Tips and Trick for Traveling with Kids and many other useful advice for tourists.

Reasons for traveling include recreation, tourism or vacationing, research travel for the gathering of information, for holiday to visit people, volunteer travel for charity, migration to begin life somewhere else, religious pilgrimages and mission trips, business travel, trade, commuting, and other reasons, such as to obtain health care or fleeing war or for the enjoyment of traveling. Travel may occur by human-powered transport such as walking or bicycling, or with vehicles, such as public transport, automobiles, trains and airplanes.


Cats sounds

Download : Cats sounds

Cats sounds is the best FREE app made for the people who love cats. This is a collection of the best sounds of cats you can listen any time you want, set them as a ring tone. You can also set them as an alarm if you have the problems with waking up. With these sounds you will never be late and you will start your day with a smile on your face.

In this Cats sounds collection you can hear sounds of many cat breeds: Angry Cat Meow, Cat Calling 1-3, Cat Getting Angry, Cat Getting Tired, Cat Meow 1-4, Cat Meowing, Cat Pissed Off, Cat Purring 1 and 2, Cat Scream, Cute Kitten 1 and 2, Cute Little Cat 1 and 2, Fighting Cat, Kitten Meow, Nervous Cat, Very Angry Cat.

– listen to the tones
– set as a ring tone
– set as a notification/sms tone
– set as alarm tone (please note that setting alarm sound will not affect existing alarms but only new ones you create)

You want to learn all about cats? Start learning with “Cat Sounds” app!


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