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Cartoon FX sounds

Download : Cartoon FX sounds

Can you imagine your favorite cartoons without funny music and special sound effects?! Now you can remind yourself of the cartoons you liked to watch with the Cartoon FX sounds FREE app! Imagine your phone ringing so funny that every call puts a smile on your face, or imagine waking up with some familiar sound set as your alarm sound that will make your day.
Cartoon FX sounds are illusions that simulate the imagined events in a story and make the cartoon characters alive and make you love them even more.

– listen to the tones
– set as a ring tone
– set as a notification/sms tone
– set as alarm tone (please note that setting alarm sound will not affect existing alarms but only new ones you create)

In this collection of wonderful sounds you can find the sounds of Cartoon Fall, Cartoon Split, Cartoon Sprint sound, Cartoon Fail, Hahaha, Jack in the Box, Lay down, Silly Snoring Man, Whos The Monkey, Bang, bell & fall, Bangs & pops, Boing, Boink, Boobies, Bubbles, Can’t take it anymore, Clang, Cranking, Crazy bango rhythm, Don’t you know that smoking can kill you, Double Take, Drip, Electronic pulse, Fart Aaah, Cartoon fight, Hopping, Horn, I said quiet, It’s a mail, Mix, Out Here, Plop bong, Punch in the face, Really funny laugh, Shut the hell up!, Slide, Squeak and pop, TipToe, Twang, Wally Gator, Weeeeeeeeee, Whirls, Zip In Out, Zipscramble.

We know you will love “Cartoon FX sounds” app. Enjoy!



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